After entering the hospital .. The messages of art stars by Emad Tired


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Sunday 08 March 2020

Books – Baha Hijazi:

Art stars have worried about the retired soccer player and sports analyst Emad Meteb, after rumors he was in a health condition while playing football.

The journalist, Moheb Abdel Hadi, revealed the truth of the matter through his Twitter account, and wrote: “Imad Miteb is conducting medical examinations in the hospital, and outside of safety.

Imad Miteb also wrote: “I am fine, praise be to God.” We monitor in this report the messages of some stars of art by Emad Miteb:

Ahmed El-Tohamy: “Your prayers for recovery are Captain Emad Meteb Al-Ragl, the respected gentleman. Your safety, Captain.”

Majdi Kamel: “A thousand safety, God bless you.

Mustafa Simple: “A thousand safety.”

Ahmed Salah Hosni: “A thousand safety be upon the superstar, Imad Mutab, God willing, he will return to his home a thousand good, O Lord.”

Al-Shami anxiously commented on the news of malaise: eh? in it? Eh Ibrahim? You reassured me, please .. What did Imad say?

ShamiMustafa is simple


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