After he was transferred to the hospital, he got acquainted with Emad Meteb’s illness


And there
Some of the main causes that cause dizziness when exercising, including a decrease
Blood sugar, low blood pressure, or increased acidity in the body
So in this report we offer some advice
To avoid feeling light-headed and fainting while exercising, according to the site
. “healthline

1: Be careful to eat a meal that contains types
Slow sugar with a healthy type of fat two hours before exercise, baking
Brown with peanut butter or toasted toast with avocado or brown pasta with
Cheese is a healthy options that can be taken before exercising to avoid low sugar in
Blood and dizziness prevention

2: In order to get away from low blood pressure, you must drink
Sufficient fluids before and during exercise, so bring a bottle of water with you and drink
Few of these every 10 minutes, and you should warm up before exercising
And cooling after exercise to adjust the blood pressure in the body, according to the site “Anna flower”

3: If you suffer from dizziness due to high acidity
In the body, all you need to do is keep exercising because the feeling of dizziness will disappear
Automatically, and if dizziness during exercise is very severe, you must stop.

The mother of Imad Miteb, the star of Al-Ahly and the Egyptian national team, said that she had been reassuring about her son a short time ago, which assured her that he was in good health.

She added Imad tired mother In televised comments: “I spoke to my son just a little while in good condition in the hospital and went to check on his safety after he fell down during football, andHe then went to the hospital to check on his safety and is now in good health. “


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