After her daughter’s death … the true age of Nahid Jabr, the number of her marriages, and her betrayal


Maysa Bahij, daughter of the artist Nahid Jabr, and the player, ball and coach of the late Zamalek, Essam Bahij, died Monday morning.

The news of the death was announced, her husband, Hazem Al-Mabrouk, via a Facebook account, and wrote, “We belong to God and to Him we shall return. I have died to the mercy of God Almighty, my late wife Maysa Issam Bahij. And burial in the graves below the bridge of the tenth of Ramadan, we ask you to pray for it. ”

In the following lines, we monitor information about the retired artist Nahid Jabr.

She was born on July 11, 1945, to complete her 74th year, and did not complete her studies early for her marriage, then she continued studying from home, and began studying Arabic, then she received a certificate of orientation in Arabic, and she joined the Film Institute directing department, and she was educated by Salah Abu Saif and Youssef Shaheen.

Nahed started her media life in the seventies, where she presented many successful programs and then managed a number of Arab channels for children.

She moved into acting and worked on successful films such as Sugary, Intuition, and Grandson.

She participated in a number of TV series such as Nurul Islam, Muhammad, the Messenger of God and Al-Haramlik.

In the early nineties, Nahed decided to completely retire from art, wear the hijab and dedicate himself to worship and the family.

In 1964, Zamalek club player, Essam Bahij, went into the experience of acting for the first time in the movie “Hadith Al Madina” which was telling about his life as a player, and here he began the meeting between him and Nahed for the first time, and after a period of acquaintance permeated by rumors that linked him to a large number of movie stars, he ended The matter between them is the second marriage in her life, then she married the artist Sana Shafi and then separated from him because of treason, as Sanaa Shafi admitted, then she returned to Joyful again and remained together until his death in 2007, and this marriage resulted in two children.

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