After his death is announced … “Tom Hanks” denies the rumors with a picture of quarantine


After news spread about the death of global actor Tom Hanks due to infection with the Corona virus, Hanks denied these rumors by posting a quarantine photo through his Twitter page.Tom Hanks released, according to LBC, a picture of the dining table containing Toast bread and paste “Vegemite”, a type of food common in Australia rich in vitamins.

Tom Hanks thanked the helpers, writing to the photo: “Thanks to everyone who helped us, let’s take care of ourselves and each other.”It is noteworthy that he had previously announced through the application of Instagram that he and his wife were diagnosed with the Corona virus and are currently in Australia, where they are receiving treatment from home.

And a widespread image emerged showing the famous American actor Tom Hanks, who is in quarantine after he was infected with the new “Corona” virus, carrying a ball bearing the character “Wilson” that accompanied him in his famous movie “Cast Away”.

The spread of this picture came after Hanks, 63, announced on Thursday that he and his wife, Actress Rita Wilson, had contracted the virus while in Australia.

But Hanks Wilson’s picture, which was reported by some newspapers, and said that healers of the Hollywood icon thrown to him to raise his morale, was not correct at all.

The story started when a satirical news website in Australia named Betoota Advocate manipulated an old picture of Hanks, and changed its background so that the American actor looked like he was in a hospital.

The site said in the photo accompanying the photo that the hospital staff in the coastal city of “Gold Coast” on the Pacific Ocean, where he is treating Hanks, gave him a ball marked with that drawing in his famous movie “Cast Away” so that the unit would not suffer during the quarantine.

But a little scrutiny of the details of the photo shows manipulation.

The photo was not released on news agencies or the official accounts of the American actor until Friday morning.

What confirms that the photo is also fabricated, that Hanks published a photo of him with his wife on his Twitter account, on which his features are somewhat different, so how will his features change within hours?

Hanks and Ball’s image is from a video taken 5 years ago, during Hanks’ participation in an event, as the following video shows.

Unfortunately, news organizations and journalists with authenticated accounts on Twitter fell into the trap of the satirical website, and re-circulated the photos, as well as other pioneers of the social networking site.

A journalist described Hanks’ image as “the image of the century”.

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