After raising the controversy .. Find out the price of the torn Mohamed Hamaki ripped and when his new album will be released


Artist Mohamed Hamaki stirred controversy on social media because of his clothes while appearing in a Saturday episode of Saturday in a program the voice kids

Where Mohamed Hamaki wore a torn sweater with an oil-colored Torn clothes With a white shirt, and a tie with the same color pullover

Although ripped fashion is a trend that has spread powerfully in the world from 2012 to now, but Mohamed Hamaki has created a state of controversy and satire on social media.

The price of Pullover, Mohamed Hamaki, who sparked the controversy

Known as foolish pullover, which caused great controversy as “Distressed” or “Destroyed” and it features openings everywhere to give it an aesthetic touch and its price ranges between 140 to 595 dollars, which is equivalent to 2189 to 9305 pounds, according to the British “lookastic” fashion site.

The date of launching Mohamed Hamaki’s new album

Singer Mohamed Hamaki is preparing to release his new singing album in the coming summer season, after finishing recording his songs. Hamaki announced this date yesterday through A concert at the American University, Fifth Avenue, during which he presented one of his new album songs, titled “Everyone Knows”, and her words say: “Everyone knewN You and I love each other but me and you .. If they see your eyes see me and meet your image in my eyes .. And Johnny O and they asked me is joy, it will be my nation. “

During the ceremony, Mohamed Hamaki presented a bunch of his most beautiful songs, including “The Most Beautiful Day”, “Shake Up”, “In Front of People”, “Running A”, “The Sweetest Need of You”, “Les Belmouni” “From My Heart with Richness”, “From the Beginning”, “We are able to teach her,” “one, one,” and “his life is not absent.” In addition to “Mother of the World,” he received wide positive reactions from the audience.

Album every day of this year 2019

Mohamed Hamaki’s latest album, “Every Day From This”, was released in January 2019, and the album included 20 new songs Oh earthquakeAnd every day of this, and Leila, and his eyes are watchful, and pictures, and I do any, and I stayed with him, and weird, from the beginning, and oh star

As for the other side of the album, it includes songs, in front of people, the adequacy of compromises, my contentment, and your drawing in my imagination, and no blame nor confusion, and the story is our story, and lived from your healer, and let us like what we have, and they said about you, take me to you.

And Mohamed Hamaki cooperated Through the album with a large number of poets, distributors, and composers, including Amir Tuaima, Ayman Bahgat Qamar, Tamer Hussain, Khaled Taj, Nader Abdullah, Amr Mostafa, Sherif Taj, Tamer Ali, Muhammad Yahya, Tamim, Toma, Nader Hamdi, and Rami Samir.

“Every Day From This” album has achieved nearly 105 million views on YouTube, since the album was released in just 60 days.

The voice kids season three

Yesterday, artist Hamaki, bid farewell to the third season of “The Voice Kids”, with mixed feelings between happiness and sadness.

Mohamed Hamaki said, in statements presented to the program’s Facebook account, that he is very happy to participate in the third season of “The Voice Kids”, and sad that the season is over, pointing to what is distinguished by talent programs for adults from the programs of young people, who do not know at this stage of Their lives only spread positive energy.

Mohamed Hamaki expressed his hope that the program has been able to provide beautiful voices, and that the participants have learned from the experience, whether they choose to continue on the path of art later, or choose another path for their lives.

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