After receiving a prize .. Director of “You Will Die in Twenty” by Masrawy: “Freibog.”


09:35 PM

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Books – Mustafa Hamza:

Sudanese director Amjad Abu Al-Ala, director of the film “Die in the Twentieth”, affirmed his happiness at the decision of the management of the Freebog Film Festival to display the films participating in its 34th session, on the jury online, as well as his happiness to win the grand prize of the festival.

Amjad said in a special statement to “Masrawy”: “Participation in the festival was one of the steps we have prepared for, to participate in several festivals, including the Jeddah Film Festival, Istanbul, Jordan and America, as well as the screening of the film in France and Switzerland, and unfortunately, an announcement continued that it stopped successively due to the Corona virus.”

He added: “The management of the Friborg Festival proved practically and in a difficult time how can we benefit from online platforms and modern means of communication, and held films for films online on the jury committees, which is a great decision indeed that deserves appreciation and respect, and it was our luck to win the grand prize, at a special time very”.

The Friborg Festival gave awards to 3 films, “She Will Die in Twenty”, the grand prize of 30,000 francs, and the Special Jury Prize won by the Mexican movie “Loos lobos”, and the Iranian movie “Asho” won the award for Best Short Film.

A movie that will die in the twenties is based on the novel “Sleeping at My feet. The Mountain” by Hamor Ziada, starring Mustafa Shehata, Asma Mubarak, Talal Afifi, Amal Mustafa, Mahmoud Al-Sarraj, produced by Hossam Alwan and Muhammad Al-Omdah, and directed by Amjad Abu Al-Ala.


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