After the death of a woman in Coruna and the arrival of a deceased person from Italy … a comprehensive survey of the Samahia village in Dakahlia


A source at the Dakahliya Health Directorate confirmed that the doctor Hala ZayedThe Minister of Health was tasked with forming a medical delegation from the Ministry of Preventive Medicine, and heading quickly to the village of Samahia of the Belqas Center Dakahlia GovernorateAnd, a comprehensive survey was conducted for the families and traced the source of infection to Mrs. Attiyat Mohamed Ibrahim, 60, who breathed from the corona virus and showed the positive of the analysis sample that was analyzed by the laboratories of the Ministry of Health.

The source said that as soon as the ministry officially announced the death of the woman, instructions were sent to send a full medical staff from the Ministry’s Preventive Medicine Department with examination of all the residents living in the homes surrounding the deceased woman, especially since there was an Egyptian who died in Italy of Corona virus from the villagers, and was coming with his body his wife , As well as conducting a complete survey of the residents and finding the cause of the injury.

The Ministry of Health issued a statement announcing the death of the woman after she was received by Sadr Al-Mansoura Hospital, who suffers from severe pneumonia yesterday, Wednesday, and a sample was taken and the result was positive for the new Corona virus yesterday evening, and she was transferred to the isolation hospital, and she died today.

The source confirmed that 10 persons who were in contact with the case were detained after taking samples from them and sending them to the central laboratories in the Ministry of Health, as part of the preventive measures.

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