After the scandalous post … a fiery comment from Yasmine Abdel Aziz’s brother


The beginning of the crisis

And the artist Wael Abdel Aziz surprised the artist’s brother Yasmin Abdel Aziz His followers send a strongly worded message to his sister through his personal account on the social networking site Facebook.

Wael Abdel Aziz said in his message: “O my sister, Yasmin, my dear sister, my sister … I am with you and in your gaze from when you are young, many problems have been cited because of you and you are a small family.”

Wael Abdel Aziz added, “Beginning with your problems with the poet and his coolness, and you know that I have been hurt in it, and recently, the issue of worker beings is the issue of beating that was between you and the daughter of Hisham Selim, the actress who put on the cake in her face … And I stood by your strength with all the power I possess, I defend you in all A difficult situation passed by you and I forgot my life and myself for you and all my concern remained for you and your mother, you are growing up and remain a star in your field. ”

Wael Abdel Aziz explained in his message: “All your choices will be passed on to you and we will agree with you on most of your decisions. I was the only one who supported you and stood by your side in your divorce … but here you go and go and get to know one who is 10 years younger than you … not from your age and envision any pictures that are not necessary at the expense of your reputation and reputation .. no and no one will let. ”

Wael Abdel Aziz said: “From my nation and we do birthdays and go to the social media … from my nation, people respond to our biography !? We sit back and contradict the social media, however your life and you are free in it … I am talking about the part that belongs to me .. You boycott all Family to work on your mood … we now want to understand the relationship, what goes on? ”

He continued: “As for the brother who walks and does not see me in every moment, and you see the egg, the gold that you will hatch for every day. I love telling you, man, when you come, you enter a house that you enter from his door, man !! And you sit with the man of the house !! .. This is the principle and this respect .. Of course Because you know that you are totally rejected, so your life will not work, and you will not change the way to the north that you have walked for years with the daughters of people !! “.

Wael Abdel Aziz ended his message, “I am of my opinion that you have the heroism that I took, and the Arab Mercedes is the gift … It focuses on your work and our suitability in our case because our longevity is in our condition and nobody hears about us a need and does not have a need for an atmosphere of images and tensions, and I am not afraid of a threat.”

Yasmin and Ahmed Al-Awadi replied

The first reaction of the artist was by publishing a picture she collected by the artist Ahmed Al-Awadi – the latter had previously published it on Facebook, and commented on her “I love you, Yasmin” – and she commented on her: “I love you, Ahmed.”

Brother of Yasmine Abdel Aziz responds with the video

Young artist Wael Abdel Aziz, the brother of actress Yasmine Abdel Aziz, posted a new video clip through his personal account on the social networking site Facebook, to respond to the attack on him because of the post yesterday.

At the beginning of the video, Wael Abdel Aziz denounced the subsequent accusations about his pursuit of fame, noting that he had received offers from several programs, with sums he had not dreamed of, but he rejected them all because of the sensitivity of the situation.

The brother of Yasmine Abdel Aziz added that he was exposed to many problems and stopped facing senior men because of his sister Yasmine, stressing that he was always next to her and he did not abandon her, but it caused him many problems since he was a child.

Wael reviewed the problem of his sister Yasmine Abdel Aziz’s divorce, as he stood next to her, pointing out that he was rejecting the verbal war after the divorce, and to respond only with her work.

Yasmine’s brother explained that his crisis with his sister started several months ago, and during her birthday, after her photos were spread with the artist Ahmed Al-Awadi, pointing out that this put him in an embarrassing situation, and made him ask her about the relationship, but she did not answer.

Yasmeen’s brother pointed out that he refused her birthday party and her appearance at Al-Awadhi, and he asked her to know the relationship, and that Al-Awadhi come to speak with her family and older brother, noting that he did not stand before her marriage again after the divorce, but he asked her to improve the choice.

Regarding receiving money from his sister Yasmine, Wael Abdel Aziz explained that he did not get any money from her, and that he was surprised that she paid money to his son two years ago, pointing out that he lived in an apartment with rent and bought a car recently in installments, which he paid from his additional work.

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