After their colleague was injured by “Corona” .. “Mansoura University” nurses recount the moments of “horror”


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Although their colleague was infected with the emerging coronavirus and physically transferred to isolation and treatment at the 15th of May Hospital, the nurses of Department 11 of Mansoura University Hospital, the main, continued to work and perform their duties towards patients who wished to be able and all of the department suspects of having corona for having contact with their colleague «Donia. P. St. », the nurse who was infected with the virus during her time in the department, and the department, which has become isolated from day to night, turned from the rest of the hospital departments to a” beehive “.. everyone works diligently, while the Mansoura University administration took smears from all those in it Patients, nurses, workers and doctors and send it to the Ministry of Health laboratories for analysis to ensure that they are free of the emerging corona virus.

Al-Masry Al-Youm visited Department 11 of Mansoura University Hospital, and the security personnel refused to allow us to wander in the hospital and go to the department at the beginning, stressing that the section is isolated and no one enters it, until Dr. El-Shaarawy Kamal, Director General of the University Hospitals allowed us to enter, after taking the necessary measures And wear masks and gloves, confirming his presence in the department to check on nurses and patients.

Inside the department, a “beehive” was already working, without tiredness or boredom, the workers strive to clean the section, sterilize and purify it constantly, while the nurses monitor cases in the department and they are 6 women and girls, with 6 escorts, and everyone wears the masks while the nurses install solutions And to give patients treatment according to the instructions of doctors, which had already been written before the incident, with follow-up developments in advance through the phone, to prevent any new complications.

Al-Masry Al-Youm inside the Quarantine Department of Mansoura University Hospital

While we were in the department, the hospital’s preventive medicine department and the chief of nursing came to take blood samples and nasal and oral swabs from all over the department and their number exceeded 40, confirming that there are instructions to conduct swabs to analyze them for all those who had mixed with the injured nurse from the nurses, workers, patients and their companions and isolated in Section 11 Unlike some doctors who mixed with them and were isolated in the doctors ’residence, samples will be sent to laboratories of the Ministry of Health.

We were surprised by our colleague, Donia. U »infected with the new coronavirus, and it was transported in a sterile ambulance for isolation amid tears and great sorrow from all of us, so we all decided to complete our work because the department has become under isolation and no one will be able to enter in it works by others and we closed the doors on ourselves and we communicate with doctors by phone» .. with these words I described Nashwa Mounir, one of the 11 surgical nurses, placed the department and its staff after discovering that their colleague was injured.

Nashwa added to “Al-Masry Al-Youm”: “Our colleague was working with us in the department and suddenly she had a high temperature and cold symptoms, and we all dealt with it while she interacted with us and the patients in the department naturally, but after the work was done ray and doctors suspected that she had corona, Dr. Shaarawi decided The Director General of the hospital isolated her by an administrative decision in one of the department’s rooms and took smears from her for analysis. Unfortunately, she came positive for the Coronavirus, and was transported in an ambulance to the Isolation Hospital on May 15 ».

She continued: «The moment we know the news, everyone is crying and the patients are very afraid for their lives and we have become between two fires, we are afraid of the disease and we have to reassure the patients and we decided to close the section on us and isolate ourselves with the patients and practiced our work with them regularly until he took smears from all of us and reassured our situation and the condition of patients ».

Nora Sameh, one of the nurses, said: “We divided ourselves into strategies to work inside the department so that there is no overcrowding and every nurse has appropriate work and I and some of my colleagues take care of the night to monitor the patients and their condition and every day we measure the temperatures and pressure other than giving them the specific medications for them, while others take care Working during the day and some are responsible for providing drinks and food, while workers are constantly cleaning and spraying disinfectants on all surfaces and beds.

She added: “No one who comes out of the oath is forbidden, and this is a decision that comes from us, because we do not know who might have been infected and healthy. We isolate ourselves until we are assured of our safety.”

Examining the hospital staff in Mansoura

Samar Qadry, from the nurses, pointed to the interest of the university and hospital administration in taking smears from everyone and said: “The truth is the position of the university president, the general manager of hospitals and the executive director. We encouraged us that we work and do not care for our lives, because they are our patrons, and whoever gets infected will receive the necessary care, the important thing is to preserve the lives of patients , Because they were operated on and in need of special care and attention to necessary medicines, otherwise their lives would be at risk. ”

Walaa Mohamed Shalaby describes the horror moments that passed through them after announcing that their colleague was injured, saying: “The first thing that we knew was that our colleague was affected by a corona, we felt horror and danger, and that the virus was not far from us, and despite the preventive measures in the hospital, the disease reached us, and our colleague was injured from contact with someone who was injured. Outside the hospital, therefore nursing in any place must take care of precautionary measures so that they do not catch the disease and pass it on to the patients because they are in a weak state and their immunity is weak, and there is a great responsibility that we all need to take into account of us, and who does not need to go out except for the necessity he sits in his house, because it is possible to cross Forced to come out like us, to transmit disease, and to be dangerous The innocent life.

Salma Al-Saeed, one of the nurses, said: “The patients first knew that our colleague was injured, they cried, and one of the patients refused to take treatment from nursing, and she said you would promise us, and we had to reassure them, and we told them that we are all suspicious of us, but God willing we will stay fine and the samples will all be negative and practiced Our lives naturally, and the hospital administration offered, that we be isolated in another place so that we are under isolation, but we all refused and said we would isolate with the patients, because we know them and their needs and we refused to mix with anyone else who suffered from them.

Rasha Al-Shahat, from the nurses, referred to the vital nursing homes in the current critical stage, and said: “We are soldiers in the face of this dreaded virus, and we must do our duty to the fullest, and we will not give up this duty because abandoning at a critical time is considered treason and all nursing On the whole of Egypt, he is ready to risk and sacrifice his life in order to face this scourge. ”

Before we left «Department 11», so that the beehive could complete its work, Dr. El-Shaarawy Kamal, Director General of University Hospitals, thanked all those in the department saying: “You are heroes and we are proud of you and we will not abandon one of you.” Al-Shaarawi continued, for “Al-Masry Al-Youm”, that the university is in the process of creating a building for the corona isolation, and the building has been completely evacuated, and it is being equipped with beds and artificial respirators through donations of the people of goodness to face any increase in the numbers of corona sufferers during the coming period.

Dr. Ashraf Abdel Baset, President of Mansoura University said: “From the first moment the incident was dealt with calmly. The university takes all preventive measures and the nurse was injured from outside the hospital. Immediately after the suspicion of her injury she was isolated in a single room until the results of the smears were received, and after the infection was confirmed, the department was isolated Precaution, dealing with everyone scientifically, and taking smears from all of them, while they work inside the department, which is isolated, because the university does not give up its duty to serve the homeland and does not give up caring for its children and everyone is soldiers in their place ».

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