Ahmed Fathi accepts the challenge of Tareq Hamed and declares that he will sponsor 30 families for a period of 3 months


The star Ahmed Fathi, the right back of Al-Ahly Club, responded to the challenge of “goodness”, which was launched by Saad Samir, with the help and support of poor families, where Fathi published through his account on Instagram a video in which he said, “I have accepted a challenge from Tariq Hamid .. I will sponsor 30 families for a period of 3 months .. By Walid Azaru, Ali Maaloul, Hussein Al-Shahat, Mahmoud Waheed and Abdel Shafi.

And it was Tariq HamedThe star of Zamalek and the Egyptian team announced their approval of the invitation made by Saad Samir, the player of Al-Ahly, regarding sponsoring a number of families affected by the Corona virus and torrents..

Tariq Hamid said, in a video broadcast on his Twitter page, “I accepted the challenge of Saad Samir and will pay for the expenses of 30 families for a month, with the nomination of Ahmed Fathi, Ahmed Eid Abdel Malik, Amr Al-Sulaya, Abdullah Al-Saeed, Shikapala, Jennash, and Omar Jaber.”.

Saad Samir, the player of Al-Ahly, has launched an initiative to provide for a number of families in need and affected by the spread of the Corona virus in the country. Saad Samir said in a video broadcast on his page on Twitter, that he agreed with a charity to sponsor the largest number of families from each player, provided that the start was with 20 families.

Saad explained that he is challenging his colleagues in Al-Ahly and Zamalek, each of Walid Suleiman, Sharif Ekrami, Mahmoud Trezeguet, Karim Nedved, Mahmoud Alaa and Tariq Hamid. It is noteworthy that the World Health Organization recommends isolating all cases that have been infected with the virus, even minor cases, in health facilities in order to prevent transmission of the disease and provide appropriate care to patients..

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