Ahmed Ibrahim, on the authority of his wife, Yasmine, and his children: “It is impossible to dispense with them, no matter how much pressure I have been under.”


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Ahmed Ibrahim commented again on the news of his separation from his wife, Angham, through a new post, on his account on Facebook.

He said: «Journalists professors who try to communicate with me, sorry for not answering, I like to explain that I separated from the mother of my children in April 2019 out of respect for her desire and then returned her to my absence from my May of 2019 in order to preserve the stability of my children, and it is impossible to dispense with them no matter how much pressure even if it cost me the far dimension even if I was stripped from any party that made me choose between it and my children. I chose to comfort my children with my love for the party, which is still the other, “on my authority.” I swear to God, there has been no separation, “so far,” there is no one who knows Bakras answer. Global Women »

Ahmed Ibrahim had raised the controversy again after publishing a picture of his first wife, Yasmine Issa, with his children.

Commenting on the photo, Ahmed Ibrahim said: “On International Women’s Day, a tribute to the faithful great who safeguarded my home in my absence, I knew the value of the children of origins, my wife and the mother of my children, Yasmine Issa.”


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