Al-Ahly accepts Sherif Ekrami’s desire and commends his career


The ball planning committee, chaired by the captain Mohsen SalehToday’s meeting with Sherif Ekramy The first team soccer goalkeeper, in the presence Syed Abdul Hafeez Director of the ball, and Amir Tawfiq, contract manager. The Committee expressed its thanks and appreciation to the Grand Guard for his efforts and generosity over many years.

The meeting came as a translation of the value of Ikrami as one of the sons of Al-Ahly who contributed effort and race to raise the name of their club, and the audience discussed his desire to participate in the matches, and that he endured a lot due to his departure from the stadium, and that his role as a player in the team will end at the end of the current season, which was announced by Al-Ahly keeper Through his official accounts weeks ago. The committee explained that my right to participate does not belong to him or any club official except the coach, who does not interfere in his powers and accounts in the other direction.

At the same time, the committee affirmed its full respect for Ekrami’s desire to end his football career with Al-Ahly by the end of the current season, and to search for his legitimate right to participate in the matches. Everyone wished him success in his future step, and that he will remain one of the sons of Al-Ahly who are known for their commitment and discipline, and that the doors of the club will remain open to all his children, and on top of them is my tip, who will not deny what he provided to his club during his wonderful career, as well as his behavioral discipline throughout his history .

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