Al-Ahly filed a complaint against my two sons in the African Union for misunderstanding


Mustafa Murad Fahmy revealed the scenes of his son Amr Mostafa Fahmy, former Secretary General of the African Union, with Complaint Against the president of the union, The late against Ahmed Ahmed, and charged with corruption.

Fahmy said, via OnTime channel, that his son sacrificed many things for his duty and the values ​​he was brought up with, and until now the evidence presented by Kef has been investigated, adding that The Values ​​Committee of the International Federation examines the complaints submitted by Amr to this day, as he presented many evidence and documents, and not only him, but there is more than one complaint lodged within the African Union itself against Ahmed Ahmed, all of which are discussed.

He added that the generation of Amr Fahmy should be proud of him, because he did not keep silent about corruption, saying, “Surprised.” From the position of the General Assembly of the African Union, because of its non-objection to the financial and technical committees, despite the financial deficit in the last budget reaching 20 million dollars. “

He affirmed that more than 20 general assemblies were organized while I was in the African Union without a single violation and defiance, and the Executive Committee of CAF has granted me honorary membership since 2012.

Mustafa Murad concluded his statements, saying that the first complaint against Amr Fahmy as secretary of CAF was from Al-Ahly, because of a misunderstanding from the management of the club.


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