Al-Ahly holds a critical session today to renew Ahmed Fathi’s contract


Al-Ahly Planning Committee chaired by Mohsen Saleh holds a forthcoming session with Ahmed Fathi, the team’s star, today, Monday, to resolve the renewal of his contract, which ends with the club at the end of the current season, and Al-Ahly officials informed Ahmed Fathi and his representative, Nader Shawqi, about the date and location of the meeting for a number of days. Ahmed Fathi’s renewal, especially after the renewal session was postponed more than once, and officials of the Red Fort want to resolve this file currently, taking advantage of the period of interruption due to the spread of the “Corona” virus, and everyone is watching in the Egyptian football street in general and between the walls of Al-Ahly in particular. From holding a session To settle.

Those close to Ahmed Fathi and Al-Ahly assert that there is a dispute between the two sides to repeat the player the same scenario during the renewal, as happened two seasons ago, but was greater than what is happening now, and the renewal of the player’s contract with Al-Ahly witnessed many scenes and exciting secrets after the renewal at that time witnessed a clash and satisfactions that are not so few even Fathi agreed to renew his contract.

“The seventh day” brings back the scenes of the last renewal Ahmed Fathi After negotiating with Zamalek two seasons ago with Abdullah Al-Saeed, the former Al-Ahly player, there was a grinding crisis when the negotiations between Al-Ahly and Fathi reached a dead end due to the physical temptations that Fathi was always waving and talking about during his negotiations with Al-Ahly for renewal.

Ahmed Fathi retracted the signature for Zamalek after he was satisfied by a fan of Al-Ahly and the player got two million dollars, or 36 million Egyptian pounds at the time, along with 8 million of Al-Ahly, to be the total of what Fathi got upon renewal two seasons ago, approximately 44 million pounds, and Fathi refused For a very long time, he disclosed the amount he received from the family’s loving personality.

The scenes of negotiating the renewal of Ahmed Fathi’s contract two seasons ago made him stick to his current stance on material demands until Al-Ahly agreed to them, just as Fathi also eludes Al-Ahly with external offers specifically from the Gulf and another very attractive offer from Pyramids.

Al-Ahly awaits determining the fate of Ahmed Fathi, especially after the club decided the fate of the trio, Sharif Ikrami, Hossam Ashour and Walid Suleiman, where it was agreed to leave Ikrami and Ashour at the end of the current season, while Walid Suleiman’s contract was renewed for two seasons.


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