Al-Ahly TV: Musimane helped the red team to finish some procedures at South Africa airport


Al-Ahly’s correspondent accompanying the club’s first football team in South Africa revealed the scenes of the team’s journey from Cairo to Pretoria, which It took nearly ten hours.

Al-Ahly channel correspondent said that Mamelodi Sun Downs team traveled with Al-Ahly to South Africa on the same plane, after the two teams fought the first leg of the quarter-finals of the African Champions League.

The channel’s correspondent indicated that Sun Downs coach Pitsu Musimani was with Passports officials at South Africa airport, in order to end some of the procedures concerning the Al-Ahly club team.

The Red team played its first round in South Africa on Sunday afternoon inside the residence hotel, in the beginning of the team’s preparations to face Sun Downs in the second leg of the quarter-finals.

Rene Fyler was keen to establish a light exercise in the beginning of the team’s preparations to face Sun Downs, in order to break the muscles after the long journey from Cairo Airport to Pretoria.

Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the club’s board chairman and head of the team’s mission in South Africa, was keen to follow the first session in Pretoria. Tareq Qandil, a member of the board of directors, was accompanying the mission.

And the training included some paragraphs of hospitalization, to get rid of the state of muscle strain, after the arrival of the mission this morning to the city of Pretoria, in preparation for the return match against Sun Downs in the quarter-finals of the African Champions League.

It is noteworthy that the Al-Ahly team won the first leg of the quarter-final match against Sun Downs with two goals without a response, scored by Ali Maaloul, and will compete in the return match in the third Saturday afternoon in the city of Pretoria.


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