Al-Azhar issues a series of decisions on curricula and exams for all stages (details)


Within the framework of Al-Azhar’s keenness on protecting and preserving the interest of students, and in light of keeping pace with the state’s plans to confront the developments of the Corona virus, His Eminence Sheikh Saleh Abbas, the representative of Al-Azhar, decided the following: to submit a research project in each of the subjects of the second semester of courses to all students from the third grade From primary to the second grade of secondary school, including students of both elementary and middle school diplomas.

All students, including students of Al-Azhar secondary school certificate, are also evaluated in what has been taught until 15 March, and the institute sector is tasked with determining the exact end of each course and announcing it to students on the Al-Azhar electronic portal no later than Monday 30 March. This is taken into account in the research project and in test questions. High school students.

Al-Azhar’s agent also decided to complete what the student could not achieve from the learning outcomes due to the cancellation of some of the subjects that were scheduled for him within the second semester course for this year in the next academic year. Course topics for all university colleges to which they will enroll in the new academic year 2020/2021

According to the directives of Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar, all precautionary and preventive measures will be taken when holding the Azhar secondary certificate exams, which will be held on schedule, God willing, to preserve the safety of our student children.

These decisions take place on all regular, model and private institutes and Islamic scholarship institutes, as well as our sons abroad, and students applying from abroad and the rest of the return from students of Al-Azhar high school students these rules also apply to them.

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