Al-Azhar praises the efforts of the elders of the relevant institutes and agencies in dealing with the effects of the disturbances


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Sheikh Saleh Abbas, the undersecretary of Al-Azhar, said that the Crisis Management Operations Room in Al-Azhar is closely following developments of conditions in Al-Azhar institutes, to solve any problems or obstacles that occur due to weather conditions and weather conditions in the country.

Abbas expressed his thanks to the members of the Crisis Management Operations Room in Al-Azhar, members of the Administrative Security and members of the Engineering Administration and Headquarters Affairs, praising the performance of the sheikhs of the Azhar institutes and their employees and their keenness to be present since following the situation and working to remove any obstacles, by communicating with its Azhar region The institute provides immediate support, in preparation for receiving students on Sunday.

The Al-Azhar representative also thanked all employees of the concerned agencies working to re-prepare the damaged roads, institutions and institutes as soon as possible, and said that these are heroes in their field of work, calling on Al-Azhar Operations Room and those in charge of the educational process in Al-Azhar to adhere to the utmost safety and preserve the soul because the human element is more And more expensive than anything.

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