Al-Khatib advises Ashour to retire and accept the “3-point” offer from Al-Ahly


08:08 PM

Tuesday 24 March 2020

Books – Omar Ahmed:

Al-Ahly confirmed that Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the club’s president, had fulfilled the wish of Hossam Ashour, the team leader and had a friendly session with him at the request of the latter on Tuesday afternoon, during which he advised him to retire between the walls of the Red Castle.

Ashour had said that Al-Ahly “sold him” after his great history, while the club’s statement confirmed that Al-Ahly gave his veteran players two distinct options in honor of his history by holding a match of retirement worthy of him or providing for a living in a European club.

Ashour said, according to Al-Ahly’s official website, that he explained to Al-Khatib the whole position regarding his contract that ends with the club at the end of the current season (2019-2020).

Meanwhile, Al-Ahly President affirmed his appreciation for Ashour, his history and what he has provided over many years, and that he is one of the loyal sons of the club.

The preacher advised player Hossam Ashour to retire at his home and accept Al-Ahly’s offer, which was summarized in several points, the first of which is:

– Ashour is excluded from the decision of the Board of Directors that was taken years ago (not to hold retirement matches after the application of the professional system) due to its history, provided that a major retirement match will be held for him that befits what he presented to Al-Ahly and achieve a great financial return.

– Preparing Ashur technically or administratively as he decides to be one of the future cadres of the club; Al-Ahly will bear all the costs of his travel to live outside the country.

– Al-Nadi channel contracted Ashour to be among the main elements of the analysis team.

It is noteworthy that Ashour (34 years) started his career with Al-Ahly at the age of 17, and is considered the most crowning player in the history of the Red Club with 36 titles.


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