Al-Saqa apologizes to the Asian tourist: “It is not our morals … your right is upon us.”


01:43 am

Tuesday 10 March 2020

Books- Diaa Mostafa:

Artist Ahmed El-Sakka criticized what happened with an Asian tourist, who was left by a driver on the ring road, because of the fear of the Corona virus.

Al-Saqa published two pictures of the tourist, through his account on “Instagram” and commented: “This is not our morals, Egyptians, your right over us, and I wish everyone stands together, like this, neither for bullying nor for racism, we are much larger and more stubborn than that. Your right is upon us.”

And social media circulated a video of an Asian tourist, who was abandoned by the driver of the car he was traveling on on the ring road, after warning a passer-by, and all cars refused to stop for him, fearing that they would be “Corona”.


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