Alaa Abdel-Ghani: Ashour, if he went to Zamalek, would erase his history and welcome him to the contractors


Alaa Abdel Ghani, the former star of Zamalek and the coach of the current Arab contractors, confirmed that Al-Ahly did not oppose the duo team Hossam Ashour and Sharif Ekrami, after not renewing them.

Abdel Ghani said, in special statements for the seventh day, this is the right of the coach 100 percent, and it cannot be said that Al-Ahly was completely wronged by the duo, as the coach is forced to dispense with players who are not useful for his technical plan in order to include new players more service to see him.

Abdel-Ghani added: It is not possible, for example, to sacrifice Amr Al-Sulayya, Deyang or Hamdi Fathi, but Hossam Ashour is not helpful for Feiler’s plan, and Al-Ahly for the first time issues a statement ending his relationship with a player in honor of Ashour and chooses the player to retire and stay in the club.

As for Ashour’s joining of Zamalek, the former White Castle star said: Hosam has a great history in Al-Ahly if Zamalek will go and lose him, and I see that he can still play inside Egypt, in clubs like contractors and Pyramids, and he has great experiences and I wish he had with us and the copper pillar loved him and appreciated him very much, and to look To Ibrahim Salah, for example, he performs with us his experiences and provides a distinguished performance.

Hosam Ashour, captain of Al-Ahly club, did not decide his future, whether by retiring at the end of the season in the ranks of his team or moving to any other club and playing for him after the planning committee refused to renew his contract, which ends at the end of the current season.

Day Seven is known to be a number of colleagues Hossam Ashour They intervened to persuade him to continue with Al-Ahly and invest the offer presented to him by working inside Al-Ahly channel and organizing a retirement match for him, in addition to his administrative or technical work within the club’s ball device, especially since the player has not yet succeeded in obtaining a good external show, which is his first desire to ensure that no club is played In Egypt other than Al-Ahly.

Hossam Ashour refuses to rush to sign for any club, after his departure from his club was confirmed by the end of the current season in light of the end of his contract with the red team, and the planning committee decided not to renew it, and the National Council headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib decided to close the three branches of Al-Ahly (Al-Jazeera – Nasr City) – Sheikh Zayed) to preserve the safety of the club members and workers, and in line with the orientations of the state that is doing its best to protect citizens and in compliance with the instructions of the World Health Organization to confront the Corona virus that hit the world in the last period.

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