Alaa Mihoub: Loosing Azzaro is an unfortunate decision, and his best is better than Dieng


09:21 am

Thursday 19 March 2020

Books – Muhammad Yusri Murshid:

Alaa Mihoub, former Al-Ahly technical committee chairman, said he was against the decision to lend Walid Azzaro, the red team striker.

Al-Ahly decided to loan Walid Azzaro to the Saudi Al-Ittifaq club during the last winter transfers, to make way for a contract with Senegalese Alliot Badji.

Mihope explained to the program, “Audience of the Thalat”, saying: “I would have preferred Azaru to remain on loan than for his harmony with the team and his known capabilities.”

He continued, “Walid Azzaro suffered an injury that kept him out of the team, and he is of the type that needs time after returning from injury to restore his level.”

“You have a strong attacker and a target, so why lend him rather than keep him and give him confidence?” He asked.

On Azarou wasting opportunities, Mihoub replied, “It is not a problem, and there is no attacker in the world who does not waste opportunities. The important thing is that he also records.”

Responding to the best deal this season in Al-Ahly, Mihoub said, “Mohamed Magdy is his best for Alli Diang.”

He revealed, “As I nominated a revelation of my family during my leadership of the youth team, I was born 95, and I approached the player who welcomed so much.”

Alaa Mihoub resigned from the Presidency of Al-Ahly Technical Committee in September 2018 due to his desire to work with training.


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