Almeria donates one million and 200 thousand euros to fight Corona


The Almeria club, competing in the Spanish second division, donated one million and 200,000 euros to efforts to combat the Corona virus in its city.

On Saturday, Almeria announced his donation of half a million euros to fight Corona, before increasing his donation to one million and 200 thousand euros.

Almeria Club said in a press statement that, at the request of Turki Al Sheikh, the owner of the club, “the club decided to increase the value of its donations by 300,000 euros to buy food for the needy, 200,000 euros for health workers and 100,000 euros for workers who lost their jobs, along with 100,000 euros for volunteers.”

“We decided to donate 500,000 euros to the Almeria City Council to contribute to the efforts to combat the Corona virus,” Almeria said in a statement on Saturday evening.

The statement added that coordination with Almeria Mayor Ramon Fernandez will take place before transferring the value of the donation.


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