American surgeon with corona: the symptoms are not what you think


Corona infection may not start in the same order as the common symptoms that have been reported by organizations during the past weeks with the outbreak of the emerging virus around the world.

At least what was confirmed by a neurosurgeon from the US state of New York called Azril Cornell, 66, recently who was confirmed to be infected with the virus, although at first he felt only a little uncomfortable and some congestion.

These symptoms occurred on the ninth of March, and did not cough at the time or develop fever or shortness of breath, which are symptoms that health experts have talked about recently as signs of the possibility of infection, “Covid-19” which is caused by the virus.

The doctor went to work as usual and practiced his normal life, and after two days (i.e. on March 11) he decided to examine himself after his condition got worse, he had a fever and felt pain in his body.

The next day, he went to the hospital for a virus scan to find out from the result that he had the new virus.

The doctor says it is important for people to know that the disease “does not start with fever, or other severe symptoms.”

His advice is: “If you feel any symptoms, even if they are mild cold symptoms, you must assume that you have the disease until proven otherwise, and you must isolate yourselves.”

The majority of viruses spread either in the upper respiratory system, and the disease spreads more easily, but the symptoms are mild, or in the lower airways, and although the spread of the virus in it is more difficult, the symptoms are also more serious. However, the emerging virus infects both devices.

This may explain the reason for the spread of the virus among people before the onset of symptoms, as the infection may spread while still confined to the upper air passages, before it makes its way in the lower tract and causes severe symptoms, according to a report published by the site “The Atlantic“.


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