Amir Karara, on the authority of Mustafa Fahmy: “I bear witness to him. As for what remains, it is not married, and it will not be respected.”


reveal The star, Amir Karara While presenting the “Sahrani” program in which he hosts Mustafa Fahmy and Diana Karzoun, it is understood that Fahmy is the opposite of what is reported about him being very naughty, as he is always very loyal to his wife, stressing that he does not look at any six and fully respect the six who are with him .. He continued: “I bear witness to him As for what remains, it will not be debated and its times will be respected. “

The actress Diana Karazon ran against the star Mustafa Fahmy on the air while they were guests on the Sahran program with the star Amir Karara, where she asked Amir to wait a minute to show him how Mustafa Fahmy reversed.

Diana, in turn, told him: I love the men who have gray hairs like this, especially when Klaas remains. “Let Amir Karara joke with them by saying: In a little white hair, I have here the most important.

It is worth noting that the Sahrani program is broadcast every Friday and hosted a large number of the most prominent stars and stars of the Arab world, as it will be broadcast at eleven pm on Friday and will continue for two hours in a special evening that touches on different areas that the guests have touched upon in their lives, whether artistic or private.

At the beginning of the episode, the artist, Mostafa Fahmy, revealed that he is a sporting being by nature and loves sports always since his childhood, having practiced many sports such as swimming, handball, basketball, and squash.


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