Ammar Hamdi reveals the truth about the departure of Saleh Jumah Al-Ahly .. and the reason for his transfer to Al-Tale’aa


Ammar Hamdi, the player of the Al-Jaish and loaned squads from Al-Ahly club, confirmed that his former teammate, Saleh Jumaa, is about to leave the Red Devils due to his lack of participation.

Hamdi said, in statements on “On Time” channel, “I think that Saleh Jumaa will not have a role in Al-Ahly as long as Fyler is present, he has wronged himself, and I advise him to get out of the red because he is a very big talent and Fyler will not involve him, and I think he is close to the Finnish League.”

On the backstage of his conversation with Al-Ahly coach Rene Fyler, he said: “I talked to Fyler and told him if there was no place for me with the team, then let me go out on loan to participate in the Olympic team, and Fyler was planning to enroll me in Africa if I continued.”

He added, “I strive at the forefront of the army to join the team because no player is guaranteed to be in Tokyo, and we will compete in the championship.”

He continued, “I was hoping to participate in front of Al-Ahly to get everything out of me, but the administration did not agree due to the contract clause, And I prefer to continue loaning back to my family and sitting on the bench. “


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