Amr Al-Sulayyeh, caressing Hamdi Fathi: “Malik, Hamdi al-Wazir”


Amr Al-Sulaya, Al-Ahly player, played with his teammate Hamdi Fathi, likening him to the artist Hamdi Al-Wazir in one of his roles in the cinema, due to a reaction that appeared on Fathi during a memorial photo of the red team earlier.

Al-Sulayya published a memorial photo of Al-Ahly Club through his personal account on Instagram and commented: “Malik, Hamdi, Minister.”

Hamdi Fathi
Hamdi Fathi

Al-Ahly midfielder Hamdi Fathi is engaged in a program of physical therapy and rehabilitation during the current period, as the physical and medical condition of the player has evolved during the last period through the medical and rehabilitation program that the player is engaged in according to what was determined by him by the German doctor who performed a knee cartilage surgery .

Medical device explained Al Ahly That the player will start at the end of next April his penultimate stage of physical and therapeutic rehabilitation according to the program specified for him, The medical apparatus indicated that the penultimate stage includes the beginning of the player’s running exercises around the field and the light qualification of the ball .

Hamdi Fathi had suffered a knee cartilage injury in one of the national team’s camps before the player traveled for successful surgery in Germany, after which he would undergo rehabilitation and physical therapy..

Al-Ahly players perform a physical program from their homes, after sending Rene Filer, the technical manager of the team, a training program for the team players via WhatsApp, which they perform during the vacation period to maintain their physical fitness and give them a minimum of physical preparation before resuming the team training, and the status of Failer accompanied by a coach Loads is a special program and was sent out to players that included obligating Al-Ahly players to perform abdominal and back exercises regularly, as well as keep up running at home or on the street.

The Swiss, Rene Fyler, asked Sami T-shirts, assistant coach, to prepare a report on the players of the seconded team for other clubs in preparation for making a decision about them, whether some return to the ranks of the team, renew their loan or sell them permanently.


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