An American company that collects GPS data with users’ phones and classifies their commitment to isolation


A technology company has designed a classification of compliance with the rules of social isolation, and this applies to all US states, to know the extent of the commitment of its citizens to use data GPS That are being collected from the phones, where they released a company called Unacast A series of maps, which use data GPS To determine the degree to which people comply with government mandates with regard to the Coronavirus.

According to the British Daily Mail website, the grades created by comparing the current GPS data to a day of the week are accurate enough to display from one province to another and are pulled from many applications on one device that uses Site data.

This includes games, maps, messaging apps and other tools that are usually downloaded to one device.

It is also using a method UnacastStates like Nevada, Alaska, and New Jersey scored …AWhile states like Wyoming and Montana scored poorly,F” And “D” Respectively.

Significant cuts in distance were also seen in areas particularly affected by the Corona virus, such as New York City, which experienced a 57% decrease in distance, and Santa Clara County, California, experienced a 54% decrease

And given Unacast Degrees A To sites showing a minimum of 40% decrease in average distance traveled, but anything less than 10% is awarded a “FWhile the United States as a whole was awarded a degree.B“.

It is important to note that the grades have not been evaluated by external health experts or epidemiologists and do not assess the distance people are from each other when they go outside.

But looking Unacast Currently in additional ways to improve her analysis, she says Unacast She hopes the maps can judge compliance with orders to stay home.


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