Apple asks its employees not to try AirPods or Apple Watch devices due to Corona


Apple asked its employees working in retail stores not to conduct experiments for the Apple Watch or the Apple AirPods, as part of the company’s steps inside the retail stores to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, especially with its spread in many countries of the world significantly, according to the American Business Insider website .

This is part of Apple’s work to protect employees of its stores and company customers in the light of the spread of the Corona virus, but there is no explicit ban on testing so far, if the customer specifically requests to try AirPods or Apple Watch, employees can meet that, as the report says. Apple stores have always offered Apple Watch experiences, letting users try different sizes and belt designs.

At the same time, customers can try the Apple AirPods Pro headset and learn how to pair it with the ear and different size options, and Apple retail stores will remain open around the world during the outbreak of the Corona virus, but with new measures to help control crowd sizes, as well as deep cleaning protocols And manual sterilization stations.

Apple recently announced that all of its retail stores in Italy were closed indefinitely, while it reopened all of its stores in China again.


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