Artists have been treated by rumors of Corona virus


The artist Yasmine El-Gilani was also subjected to the same rumors, after her husband, the young actor Omar Khorshid, asked on Facebook to pray for her and his daughter to recover.

The artist, Ola Rami, Omar’s mother, denied what was said about her son’s wife, and said in statements to her that the Ministry of Health certainly had intervened if they were afflicted with him, and only said that what happened with Yasmine and her daughter is a very high temperature.

The same rumor also touched the Kuwaiti artist Abdullah Bushehri, after he visited Iran recently, at a time when the Corona virus spread in the past few days, which precipitated his return to his country Kuwait, which forced him to enter the quarantine set by Kuwait for its citizens returning from a country suffering from the spread Corona, what contributed to the launch of the rumor strongly.

Bushehri replied, through his Twitter account, saying, “To some instead of you not busy with rumors that cause panic in the country and you are sick of the disease, you would pray for those infected with the virus, God will heal them and recover us all. As for those who ask about me out of love, I say to him thankfully and what I am currently short in the hotel, And the Ministry of Health is thankful for what fell short with everyone, God gives them a thousand well-being and strengthens them, and I wish we stop the rumors and become an estimate of the situation that we are all in. ”

Also, Chinese artist Jackie Chan recently denied a rumor that he had the virus, saying on his official Facebook page: First, I would like to take the opportunity to say (thank you) to everyone who cares, I am in very good health and safe, and I have not been quarantined. “

A rumor of his illness had spread after some people said they watched him in the company of police officers in Hong Kong, in conjunction with press reports that more than 50 Chinese officers were quarantined, but later it was found that Jackie Chan was in a different location 30 km away. Accurate about the place where the infection spread.


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