Associated Press: 3 Corona cases in Houston were on a trip to Egypt


Officials in the American city of Houston confirmed that three cases were infected with the Corona virus, saying that the three were on a trip to Egypt with other people, including a fourth man from a nearby suburb whose results were positive in Texas, according to the Associated Press. American.

Dr. Umair Shah, chief health officer in Harris County, where Houston is located, said the latest cases include two men and a woman between the ages of 60 and 70 who are still in stable condition..

The officials said they believed the three were exposed to the virus while on a trip.

The announcement came a day after Texas health officials announced that a 70-year-old man in Fort Bend County, outside Houston, had tested positive.

Officials in Houston said on Thursday that the case of Fort Bend County was on the same trip as two people from Harris County.


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