At a price of 36 pounds .. Catering provides alcohol in consumer complexes


06:57 am

Monday 23 March 2020

Books – Muhammad Sami:

The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade has started offering large quantities of alcohol with a concentration of 70% for use as a disinfectant in the branches of the “public and Egyptian” wholesale companies. It will also be offered in consumer complexes to provide them to citizens, where they will be offered in 250 million packages at a price of 36 sides per package, and 125 million packages will also be provided. .

Dr. Ali Moselhi had met last week with the supervisory leaders of the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade and its affiliated executive bodies, in the presence of the oversight and distribution sector, the internal trade sector, the General Department of Supply and Internal Trade Investigations, and the Consumer Protection Agency.

Al-Muselhi stressed the importance of immediate action, from all the supervisory agencies of the Ministry of Supply and its affiliated bodies, with the aim of controlling markets and prices and strictly controlling the prices and quality of products sold to citizens, especially goods related to detergents, disinfectants, and protection and hygiene requirements to reduce price manipulation or cases of commercial fraud.

Al-Muselhi asserted that the state, with all its executive monitoring apparatus and arms, will firmly and vigorously confront all those who ask themselves to manipulate the capabilities of the Egyptian citizen, and that what the country witnesses in these exceptional circumstances requires everyone to confront the law for any commercial violations that may be committed against citizens, whether they are manipulation In prices, product fraud or withholding goods from circulation and storage with the aim of thirsting the markets.

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