Backstage duet “It’s Sweet” by Safinaz and Menna Attia


The artist has ended Safinaz And singer Menna Attia from filming the clip “Klah Helou” inside the Samanoudi studio in the first lyrical and performance duo that brings them together, scheduled to be shown next week. .

The song revolves around a smile, hope, ambition, and avoids worries and problems for the sake of peace of mind, from the words of Walid Riad, composed by Issam Ismail, distributed by Islam Chitos and directed by Haitham Antar..

The last dancers were Safinaw last New Year’s Eve, the Armenian dancer Safinaz participated, with a dancer, in a New Year’s party at one of the major hotels overlooking the Nile, as part of the New Year 2020 celebrations, as she reviewed her grace in dancing amid the interaction of the audience who attended the party, as it appeared With two different dance suits, Safinaz is the most popular dancer in New Year’s parties this year, as she participates in 4 concerts at once in various hotels in Egypt.


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