Because of “Big Brother” … Randa Al-Beheiri lost her child in episode 44


“Accessories” embodied
Her character, Randa Al-Behairi, is to abort her child from her lover, Karim
His character embodies the artist Mahmoud Hegazy, within the events of the series “Big Brother”.

And I saw the events of the 44th episode of a series
“Big Brother”, which is shown on a channel
cbc Daily drama at eight oclock
Evening, dramatic events after Zina decided to abort her fetus at will
Karim, who did not stand beside her when he learned of her pregnancy and abandoned her, but when she made it
The abortion process forced the doctors to hysterectomy due to complications during the procedure, which
Zina collapsed from crying because she was not born for life because of the person
That you loved.

The series revolves around a poor young man who lives in a popular neighborhood.
He tries to face and overcome many challenges in his life.

The series “Big Brother” starring:
Mohamed Ragab, Ayten Amer, Abeer Sabry, Heba Magdy, Dina Fouad, Mohamed Ezz, Ashraf Zaki, Mahmoud Hegazy,
Randa El-Behery, Hajar Ahmed, Ehab Fahmy, Mohsen Mansour, Rania Mallah, Ahmed Halawa, Amr Abd
Aziz, Ahmad Imam and Zina Mansour, belongs to the quality of the works of the 45 episodes, written by Ahmed Abdel-Fattah
And directed by Ismail Farouk and produced by Synergy Company.


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