Because of Corona … the government prohibits hookahs and closes gyms in the governor


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Monday 16 March 2020

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

Major General Mahmoud Sharawi, Minister of Local Development, instructed the governors to initiate intensive campaigns on the markets from the supply directorates and agencies affiliated with the security directorates and the executive agencies in the localities to prevent exploitation and price control, calling for the necessity of resolutely addressing any attempts to manipulate prices or any manifestations of the exploitation of commodity traffickers.

Sharawi stressed that the ministry will continue its efforts in coordination with the governorates to follow up on the availability of basic food commodities in appropriate quantities and prices in the markets, saying that the concerned authorities in the governorates will begin to intensify the provision of control efforts on all markets and tighten control over the outlets of selling basic food commodities to combat monopolistic practices and control prices.

The Minister of Local Development also called on the governors, in constant coordination with the Consumer Protection Agency and the Investigation of Supply, to launch campaigns against violators, stressing the need to tighten control over places where goods, detergents, and disinfectants are stored to prevent storage and price manipulation with increasing rates of consumption of citizens due to the application of health and preventive requirements in relation to a virus Sk.

The Minister of Local Development called on the citizens to take the precautionary and preventive measures announced by the government, whether represented in the Information Center of the Council of Ministers and the Egyptian Ministry of Health or the World Health Organization, especially in the statement issued days ago, especially the warning of the risks of “shisha” circulation in cafes, restaurants and cafes.

Shaarawi pointed out that the World Health Organization confirmed that smoking “hookah” not only transmits the Corona virus, but that tobacco also affects immunity and the health of the body in general, which makes it more weak in resisting the virus, so it requires the public interest of citizens and within the framework of the state’s precautionary measures. At this stage to prevent the spread or transmission of the Coronavirus, the “hookah” will be prevented.

Sharawi said that the ministry started in coordination with the governorates and the concerned authorities to take the necessary measures in this regard to maintain the safety of citizens, explaining that the governorates will also shut down gyms and sports centers (gyms), in implementation of the Prime Minister’s directives to prevent gatherings to limit the spread of the Corona virus until notice else.

The Minister added that the Ministry’s Operations Room and Crisis Management are in continuous communication with the governoratess operating rooms to follow up on their efforts also to implement the Minister of Social Solidarity’s decision to suspend all activities related to incubation for a period of two weeks, and campaigns to close centers and centers for private and educational lessons that have been assigned to the relevant departments of the Ministry of Interior in cooperation with the agencies Executive departments in the governorates, especially the directorates of education, and taking legal measures against them.

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