Before severe symptoms .. 6 marks in the body signify corona


Fever and cough are the most common signs of an emerging coronavirus, but there are other simple signs some people may not know precede acute symptoms.

There are 6 other minor symptoms felt by the patient of the emerging coronavirus, or as it is called “Covid-19,” according to the newspaper “Mirror” newspaper.

1- Loss of smell and taste

The British Society of Otolaryngology has warned that a loss of sense of smell and taste may mean that a person has an emerging corona.

The association advised any person feeling these signs to isolate themselves immediately, as the Corona virus at this stage disrupts the cells of the nose and throat.

The association added that evidence from other countries indicates that the point of entry of the virus to humans, usually from the eye and nose, and the area of ​​the throat.

2- Physical debility

As with colds and flu, fatigue or fatigue is also a sign of corona infection.

People who feel tired are advised to rest, but feeling rested after having a corona and not falling asleep due to coughing makes the situation worse.

3- Psychological fatigue

Although this symptom did not rise to officially become a sign of corona infection, people with Covid-19 suffer from tiredness and psychological fatigue.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail”, had quoted a woman named Tia Jordan whose memory and ability to focus after being affected by Corona.

4- Loss of appetite

People with corona complained of losing their appetite, albeit to varying degrees.

While some people are less interested in food, others have no desire to eat at all.

5- Abdominal pain

With loss of appetite, the possibility of feeling abdominal pain increases, which is an indication that the affected person is not feeling well.

A new study from the American Journal of Gastroenterology indicated that there is a link between abdominal pain and Corona virus infection.

The study found that 48.5 percent of the 204 people who had coronary disease in Hubei Province, China, had digestive problems such as diarrhea.

6- Inflammation of the eyes

People with coronavirus feel an inflammation in the eyes, accompanied by a feeling of irritation or itching in the eye, such as those with allergies.

This feeling can also be likened to irritation of the eyes with the same pain that a person feels when standing in the middle of smoke, fog, dust, or mold.


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