Beijing: Traditional Chinese Medicine has proven effective in treating 90% of Corona cases


China has pledged to provide emergency aid to more than 80 countries as well as international and regional organizations including the World Health Organization and the African Union, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Luo Zhaohui said, explaining that traditional Chinese medicine has proven effective in treating more than 90% of Coronas injuries.

In a statement published by Xinhua, Luo said China has donated 20 million US dollars to the World Health Organization to facilitate international cooperation in this field. Chinese assistance varies between sending medical team missions, donating medical supplies and funds, and helping to establish laboratories and hospitals.

He pointed out that the results of clinical observations showed that traditional Chinese medicine has proven effective in treating more than 90 percent of Covid-19 confirmed cases on the Chinese mainland. “The Chinese traditional medicine sector is ready to further enhance cooperation and exchange with the international community, exchange experiences in the field of epidemic prevention and treatment, provide effective and effective Chinese traditional medicines, consult experts and help within its capabilities for countries and regions,” said Yu Yanhong, an official with the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Needy“.

The Molecular Biological Laboratory, established by China under the supervision of Chinese experts currently in Baghdad, was opened yesterday. According to the Iraqi authorities, the Iraqi laboratories can currently conduct more than 200 tests per day, but this new laboratory established by China can conduct a thousand tests per day, which will enhance Iraq’s capabilities in detecting cases of the disease caused by the new Corona virus ( Coved – 19).

Also on Wednesday, a team of 14 medical experts from east Chinas Fujian Province left on a chartered plane to Italy to help the European country fight the Covid-19 outbreak..

The team includes experts from several hospitals and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Fujian Province, as well as an epidemiologist from the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control and a specialist in lung disease from Anhui Province.

China had previously sent two medical groups, including 22 people, along with more than 20 tons of medical supplies, to support Italy in fighting the epidemic..

At the suggestion of the Chinese Experts Group, Serbia has started converting a convention and exhibition center in Belgrade into a temporary hospital for treating patients with Covid-19..

In addition, medical experts from China continue to hold videoconferencing with medical experts in multiple countries to help treat patients with Covid-19..

“China is deeply concerned about the difficulties of the countries affected by the pandemic, and has volunteered to do its best to provide assistance,” Luo said.


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