Beren Sat’s husband apologized and promised?


After Turkish star Beren Saat said that her commitment to home quarantine to resist the spread of the Corona virus, taught her to stick to her husband, singer Kinan Douglo, her husband replied and promised to roam the universe together after eliminating the health catastrophe facing the world, and he also apologized for what he did with it.

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He recounted: (Your message affected me, my love, let me say that I also apologize for all the pain I caused without intending, sometimes we disagreed, but we did not hate and kept our great love inside our heart).

He continued: (I promise to go around the universe and live the happiness we deserve after the world becomes okay, preparing for many of us for surprises that I will not tell anyone).

He added: (The virus, despite its negativity, taught us how to get closer to each other, to keep every person we cherish and love, and to appreciate our feelings).


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