Beware … a list of fake Corona virus tips spread online


A report warned for the British newspaper “The Independent”, that a list of concealed advice related to the Corona virus is widespread on the Internet, which it claims is issued by Stanford University, but it contains suggestions that could endanger people’s lives, as it provides a set of incorrect recommendations To avoid getting infected with Covid-19, Suggesting ways to check for corona infection.

However, these tips have been shared hundreds of thousands of times, as these useless advice is sweeping the Internet, as people search for ways to protect themselves from disease.

The list of advice begins with a letter alleging that it came from a member of the Stanford Hospital board, which was finally denied, as a Stanford spokesman told The Verge: “The widely distributed email around COVID-19 Attributed to “Stanford Hospital board member” contains inaccurate information, and did not come from Stanford.

False allegations in the message include that Corona will die if the weather is warm, and that drinking water regularly will protect people from HIV infection.

The experts explained that these tips are incorrect, and although some parts of the list are based on science – such as the fact that sunlight can act as a disinfectant – it is completely useless as a practical advice.

The advice list also indicates that people can see if they have Covid-19 By holding their breath for 10 seconds, the message says that if they are able to, they cannot damage their lungs.

It is impossible to know how many people have seen false advice, as they are copied and shared in private conversations, but individual tweets have been posted tens of thousands of times.


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