Bishop Sarabamon, Bishop and Bishop of Bishoy Monastery, passed away at the age of 83


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The Coptic Orthodox Church announced, just recently, the death of Anba Sarabamoun, bishop and head of Anba Bishoy Monastery, at the age of 83 years after a monastic life that lasted for 60 years, after he was subjected to a sudden health crisis last Wednesday night, and was subsequently transferred to Al Salam Hospital in Mohandessin.

The complex of the Monastery of Saint Anba Bishoy in the Wadi Natrun mourned Saint Srabamon, who departed at dawn on Sunday after a life full of work, spiritual management, reconstruction, prayer, love and giving.

The late was born on February 21, 1937 in the name of Lazar Qalid Bastawares, and he was raised in Deir el-Suryan al-Amer on December 8, 1959, and he painted a priest on February 24, 1963, then he was promoted to Tame on July 25, 1967, and drew a general bishop in the hand of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III on 17 June 1973 Then he was ordained bishop and head of the Monastery of Anba Bishoy on May 28, 1977.

Funeral prayers will be held next Tuesday at 12 noon in the Monastery of the Great Saint Anba Bishoy in the Natrun Valley.

Anba Bishoy Monastery had issued a statement calling for prayers for the abbot during his time in intensive care.

It should be mentioned that Pope Tawadros II is one of the sons of the Monastery of Anba Bishoy, and he is one of the largest and most important monasteries of Wadi El Natroun.

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