Boldness is sweet, there is no word .. A new challenge from Ola Rushdie before and after the dismissal .. Know the details


I participated The artist Ola Roushdy Her fans, with a new challenge via her Instagram account, and asked her friends to share it, which is to publish two photos one before the health isolation that everyone undergoes in their homes currently until the end of the Corona virus crisis, and the other during the isolation.

Rushdie published two pictures of her, one before the sanitary isolation, in which she appeared in all her elegance and the other image, while she was sitting inside her house, and she wrote: “It is the one that we need to do, and Ronny has appeared before and after the isolation, and she is wearing a garment, this is water, my group, but before you understand Mistake “in reference to the drink you are sipping in a photo before the house insulation.

Soon, artist Zina Reda was keen to comment via the challenge sarcastically, and said: “No, oh Ola, a picture, we can pay for it for our long life, if it is at the age of course.”

Ola Roshdy
Ola Roshdy

Embodiment Actress Ola Roshdy, the role of Nisabah with Nelly Karim In her new series “100 Wush”, scheduled for presentation in the upcoming Ramadan drama season, where Ola Roushdi joins the blade team with Aser Yassin and Nelly, to perform the monument operations during the work events that were written by Elif Amr El Daly, Ahmed Wael and directed by Kamel Abu Zekry, which is a joint production cooperation Between United Media Services and Justice Group.


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