Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister and his partner, Carrie Simmonds, announce they are engaged and are expecting a baby


Boris Johnson and Carrie Simmonds

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his partner Carrie Simmonds have announced that they are engaged and are expecting a baby at the start of the summer.

Symonds said on her Instagram account that the engagement took place at the end of last year, expressing the feeling that she was “very blessed.”

Johnson, 55, and Simmonds, 31, became the first two people in a relationship, but unmarried, to live in Downing Street, where the Prime Minister is based, when they moved there last year.

Simmonds is also the youngest prime minister’s partner in 174 years.

“Some of you know, but for my friends who still do not know, we got engaged at the end of last year … We have a baby who will come out at the beginning of the summer. I feel very blessed,” Symonds wrote on her Instagram account.

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This will be the third marriage for Johnson who divorced from his first wife, and is currently separated from his second wife, Marina Wheeler.

Earlier in February, a court heard a request from Prime Minister Wheeler to end their marriage after agreeing to financial arrangements. The two got married in 1993 and they separated in 2018. They have four children.

The news broke the news that Simmonds – a former head of the Conservative Communications division – was emotionally attached to Johnson in early 2019.

But her knowledge of him goes back to her work on the campaign to re-elect the mayor of London in 2012.

Simmonds now works as chief advisor to the American Oceania Environmental Campaign Group after she left her duties with the Conservative Party in 2018.

Former adviser Sajid Javed – who resigned from the government after a row with Johnson – sent a congratulation on Twitter in a tweet saying, “Great news.”

Former prime ministers Tony Blair and David Cameron have given birth to a new baby each. In 2000, Blair, wife of Blair, gave birth to their fourth child, Liu, while Samantha, Cameron’s wife, had their daughter, Florence, in 2010.

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