Brother of the Duchess of Sussex: divorce expected for Megan and Prince Harry!


Meghan Markle’s brother urged the duchess to “get off her horse” and gave her father Thomas “the wish of death” to meet his grandson Archie.

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Thomas Markle Jr., 54, went out of his silence to encourage former actress Megan to call her 75-year-old father, claiming that the latter was “frustrated” because of his inability to communicate with his daughter “and he only has some good years left.”

He continued predicting that “divorce is expected” for Meghan and Prince Harry, claiming that his separated sister would end up in Hollywood “in one way or another.”

He pointed out that Megan was just “a character in a series and not represented in list A” (the list to which celebrities who are the most successful in their field belong).

Thomas Junior believes that Megan, who is best known for her TV series Suits, will have the opportunity to play big-screen roles if she returns to the United States, “and he continued,” I see her returning to Hollywood one way or another. I think anything related to Hollywood, especially George Clooney and VIPs in Hollywood, attracts her. ”

He continued: “Now it will be given more opportunities … you will get some good movie roles.”

“In fact, Megan must get down seriously from the top of her horse, call her father, and fix her relationship with him,” Thomas Junior told the British newspaper “Express”.

He continued: “My father’s death wish, as he told me on the phone, is only to make adjustments and make him see Archie, and bring his daughter back to his life, I mean we owe him that.”

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Disclosure is important

He added: “He is very disappointed because he cannot deliver a message to her, he is still confused, he is still lost, and he is desperate now.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they had resigned from their role in the royal family in January and completed their final royal engagements in Britain last week.

While little has been revealed about their new lives in North America, Thomas Junior predicted that his sister Megan will definitely return to acting, after she left him before her marriage to Prince Harry, adding that the work on the series Suits “changed her.”

Thomas Junior claimed that Harry “changed a little” and that Megan was changing their lives dramatically to fit together.

Megan hadn’t seen her father long before her marriage to Prince Harry in May 2018, though Thomas Junior believed that the Duchess of Sussex could start repairing some damage with a simple phone call. He added: “Seriously, only a few good years remain. I spoke to him recently, and this will hurt him, but he has reached the point where he does not really care if he returns to his life or not.”

Source: Express


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