Brother of Yasmine Abdel Aziz: Enough wars with people because of you, I am sorry


The artist Wael Abdel Aziz, the brother of the actress Yasmine Abdel Aziz, posted a video “through his personal page on the social networking site” Facebook “to talk about the issue recently raised between him and his sister and Ahmed Al-Awadi.

Wael Abdel Aziz said: “I decided to make a video despite the fact that I did not like this way and to speak in this way, and I decided to look at a video so that I would respond to all the people who stood by me and the people who attacked me, and who confirmed my words that there is part of the truth.”

Wael Abdel Aziz added: “First, on the issue of money and fame, since yesterday, a high-profile show was presented in large programs and channels in the entire Arab world, in exchange for money that you do not imagine and I did not dream of it, and recently, Wael Al-Ibrashi, the media, asked me to appear with him in a phone call, but I refused in respect. For the situation, and if I was in search of fame I could take advantage of all the offers that came to me for my benefit, and I do not need fame because I have series in my name, and people know me, and I do not need fame, and if I wanted a fame, I could have taken advantage of my sister’s name and acquaintances, but it did not happen and since I started working on my own, Without the help of anyone. ”

Wael Abdel Aziz pointed out that “Yasmine left me with problems since childhood, and always puts me in the cannon, and during 15 years I stood in the side of my sister in front of many of the heavyweights, and all the problems passed through her sweet and bitter time and I stand beside her alone and there is no one in my back, until we got to a problem She divorced, supported her, stood with her and encouraged her to make her decision. My position is known and recorded with all the news that was published. At the time, I started a war with postholes on social media between the two parties, and I totally rejected this, and advised “Yasmine” at the time not to respond to the social media and this is not its method, nor its method, And I asked her to respond with her work and success. ”

“Three months ago, the clause of” Yasmine “birthday occurred, and we were good looking, and some photos of her spread to someone and I felt at the time that the one in the pictures was not my sister who I knew, and I spoke to her and said to her from my nation by making birthdays like this and by publishing The pictures are on social media, and her response was (I am free and no one has a call from me and I am not young), stressing that she is free in her life and that she is not small, but my words to her were motivated by my fear in her form.

He continued his speech by saying: “I refused to speak from everyone, and the matter reached because she worked on a block. For two days, the matter developed for posters and comments between them and the person on each social media. Its meaning is that there is a relationship between the two parties, and the speech between them is clear and frank and confirms the relationship. By attacking and accusing me of violating the privacy of the two parties, and no one knows that rumors of their relationship chasing me everywhere, at the same time “Yasmine” refused to speak to me and did not answer my communications, and I received a rumor that they were married in secret, and I have no objection to her marriage, but I advised her to choose the right person And health. ”

He explained that after the posting of the post in which Yasmine attacked his sister and the person, he was waiting for the person to fulfill his request and enter the house through his door, to prove goodwill, but he replied by defaming my reputation, and that I am taking money from my sister, and that it is at my highest disposition, and I swear by God the Great, the Great, Yasmin Abdel Aziz Did not give me a mlim in my pocket from the beginning of her life until this moment de.

He revealed that “he lives in a rented house, owns a car with installments from his money, and is very tired of it to some extent, as he buys it, and is satisfied with the provision of our divorced Lord, and he sent a message to his sister Yasmine saying,” May God grant you success and succeed in your life, I have spoken in an annoyance, I am sorry, all my objections I have been I want to know the nature of the relationship between the two of you, and the many words were troubling me, from today, you consider me the righteousness of your life, I am tired and the sufficiency of wars with people because of you. ”

Brother of Yasmine Abdel Aziz: Enough wars with people because of you “I am sorry”


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