“By God, I will burn your heart.” A woman suffocates her son in revenge for his father for threatening to marry her (details)


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Yesterday, Sohag Investigations revealed the mystery of the murder of a 3-year-old child in the Gerga Center district in the south of the governorate. Investigations stated that his mother equipped him and choked him with a rope until he died, and she fled after her crime was committed, and her mother recognized her because of her differences with her husband and his crisis Bad psychological because of his threat to marry her.

Major General Hassan Mahmoud, director of Sohag Security, had received a notification from the Commissioner of the Gerga Police Station, that a report had been received regarding the finding of the body of a child killed in the village of “Al-Mujabara” in the Center’s department. M », 3 years old, and the body was found lying on the bed, and the presence of strangling traces around his neck, and the body was transferred to the morgue of the General Hospital of Gerga, and investigations by the mabahith and the mother’s mother’s statements to the victim’s“ grandmother ”revealed to Major General Abdel Hamid Abu Musa, director of the Criminal Investigation Department, that Her son, “Duaa.” P. A », 30, housewife, who committed the incident in revenge for her husband because of his repeated marital disputes with her and her passage in a poor psychological state.

The victim’s grandmother added that her daughter is at odds with her husband, she lives with her at home, and that her husband threatened her to marry another, and that she committed the crime alone in revenge for his father, and the grandmother was surprised after waking up in the morning with the killing of the child, and the absence of his mother, pointing out that her son said to her husband on the phone A week ago: “By God, I will burn your heart.” The defendant escaped after the commission of her crime, and the detective was assigned to determine the location of her hiding and the speed of its seizure. The necessary report was prepared, and the Public Prosecution began the investigation.

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