Cairo Governorate: the streets of Al-Jaish and Al-Azhar streets were washed because of K.


4:03 PM

Monday 16 March 2020

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

Major-General Ibrahim Abdel-Hadi, Deputy Governor of Cairo for the Western Region, said that the neighborhoods of the Western Region are performing around the clock sterilization and disinfection of microbes, and health education to prevent corona virus.

And the neighborhoods of the western region succeeded in carrying out the following efforts:
– Al-Waili neighborhood .. Closure of 10 educational centers in Al-Multaqa Towers 5 Ramses extension, 3 educational centers at 8 Yashbak Street, an educational center at 6 Yashbak Street, another in the Tabaqiyat Tower, another at Mouwasat House 126 Abbasiya Street, and a cafe in the Applied Tower, Center in Abbasiya Street, and 2 nurseries, Gym, Cafe and.

– Central District of Cairo .. Run a car spraying flies and mosquitoes in the neighborhood’s district every day.

– Bab al-Shaareya neighborhood .. 7 educational centers are closed in implementation of the Prime Minister’s decision to close educational centers.

Abdeen neighborhood: Private school centers are closed at 21 Youssef El-Gendy Street, 11 Shanan Lane and 31 Mohamed Mahmoud Street.

– Al-Muski neighborhood: washing the streets of the army, Al-Azhar, Ataba Square, Muhammad Ali, in front of the National Theater, the entrance to the garage, and the Halawa Pier.

– Gharb district: organizing a symposium to prevent diseases, how to follow preventive medical and health guidelines, and close private lesson centers.

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