California drainage lines clogged for citizen use as a substitute for toilet paper


The major drainage lines in California State suffered a lot of blockage due to the citizens’ use of cutting the cloth cut as a substitute for toilet paper due to the large shortage of stores suffering from it due to the Corona crisis, which called on citizens to store large quantities of toilet paper except that with time it is implemented but without an alternative to resort to Citizens for this trick to cause a major blockage in the state’s major drain pipes.

The US authorities have warned, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail” of the use of these fabrics by citizens because of their health hazard, as these fabrics cause clogging of drain pipes and the return of polluted water again to the basins and toilet, which poses a great danger to the spread of the Corona virus at the state level.

Daily Mail

“We expect that approximately 56% of our state’s population – 25.5 million people – will be infected with the virus over an eight-week period,” California Gavin Newsome sent a message to President Trump.

“In some parts of the state, the rate of injuries doubles every four days,” the California governor added.

The local authorities in a number of American states decided to release thousands of prisoners, in an attempt to prevent the spread of the “Corona” virus in prisons, as prisons in California, New York and Texas began releasing prisoners who are still serving their sentence in light of light criminal cases. As well as elderly prisoners and those suffering from diseases.

“We do not open prison doors and do not allow inmates to leave, we are looking for non-dangerous criminals who have committed minor crimes, and we consider cases that suffer from a major health risk,” Brendan Sheehan said, adding that the Ohio State Administrative Judge said.“.


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