Cannes Film Festival postponed due to Corona virus


The festival announced that its management is reviewing several options, including postponing the festival until the end of June or the beginning of next July.

The spread of the virus has stopped many films, theater and opera performances, the virus has infected many stars in the world, and day after day the state of panic and intimidation towards the new Corona virus that is currently sweeping the world and threatening millions lives has increased, but what has increased the horror is the injury of a number of famous art The worlds whose injury was a scare for their audience, especially since most people think that celebrities are usually far from these epidemics and diseases due to their constant preservation of their health and the quality of their food, including Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, where we announced their infection with Corona virus in Australia, where he explained Hanks felt that he had some symptoms and when he did the examination the result was positive and Hanks wife’s injury caused confusion to the Sydney Opera House, especially that she made her presentation on stage before announcing her injury.

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