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Today, Wednesday, the zoo closures will start for two weeks as a precaution for those who spread the Corona virus, and in line with the state’s policy to prevent gatherings in public places and gardens.

The Central Administration of Animal Gardens of the General Authority for Veterinary Services at the Ministry of Agriculture has taken a number of preventive measures and implemented a program of disinfection work to prevent «Corona» virus inside zoos, in addition to taking all preventive measures to protect animals from weather fluctuations, especially Giza Zoo which is the largest of Where the area or numbers of animals.

A report issued by the Giza Zoo explained that during the weather fluctuations, all precautionary measures are taken within the Giza Zoo, including opening dormitories for animals, spraying floors with water to not transfer dust, making brushes of rice straw, and providing processed foods and fodder with a high protein value that helps in heating .

The report added that the veterinary follow-up was carried out according to the specific needs of each animal by means of a thermometer for each animal, in addition to making umbrellas and documents to protect animals and birds from the dust storm, covering open places with plastic, and a continuous follow-up by veterinarians of all parks and there are no negative effects on all animals Available in gardens.

For her part, Dr. Maha Saber, Director of the Giza Zoo, said that the technical devices inside the Giza Zoo carried out disinfection activities using disinfectants at various sites for spraying iron skewers and the walls of dormitories of animals and birds.

She added that the House of Sibaa, the Chimpanzee and the Children’s Zoo have been cleared, stressing that there are urgent measures to ensure the cleanliness of the Giza Zoo from the climatic repercussions of the rainy wave that the country witnessed over the past two days, in addition to implementing the program of purification work to prevent the Corona virus.

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