Closed because of corona .. 8 Information about the City International School in Zamalek – Egypt


The Ministry of Education has made a “precautionary decision”, To close the City International School In Zamalek in Cairo, and imposing a “self-isolation” on its students, teachers and school administration, for a period of 14 days, as a “preventive” measure, due to the presence of a confusion between a parent with a foreign infected with Corona virus.

This came in light of the keenness of the Ministry of Health and Population, and the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, for the safety of our children, and in line with what the Minister of Education announced, the Ministry’s plan to counter the spread of the virus.

Al Watan reviews information on City International School After closing:

There are 6 Mohamed Thaqeb Street, next to the Faculty of Fine Arts – Helwan University – in Zamalek, Cairo.

The admission age for students to kg1 is 4 years and 6 months.

It has the advantages of nursery school, primary, intermediate, and high school diploma, International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IG), languages, international, and also the American diploma.

The one-year expenses are paid as follows:

Kindergarten is about 65 thousand and 500, while the expenses for the sixth grade of primary education come to 73 thousand and 300 pounds.

– The price of school transportation in the year 7 thousand pounds.

– It has another branch in Abdullah Al-Nadim Street, in front of Thebes International Schools, on 6th of October, in Giza Governorate.

– One of her students was confirmed to be infected with Corona.

– It was closed because the student’s father had contact with a foreigner, who was infected with the virus.

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