Clubs officially request the cancellation of relegation and the establishment of the new Premier League with 24 teams


The decision to extend the suspension of football activity for a new 14 days has caused great concern for the Egyptian clubs, amid great fears of canceling the Egyptian League in all its grades this season, which foreshadows a major crisis for all clubs without exception, in light of spending millions of pounds, whether in the Premier League or the League The second as well as the third.

The clubs started thinking about how to get out of that crisis if an official decision to cancel the competition was issued, which was clear from the clubs of the second and third division during the past few hours, through official letters to the Egyptian Football Association, including suggestions and solutions to the crisis.

Sources within the Football Association said that the Department of Al-Jabaliya received a number of letters from the clubs of the second and third division clubs, including proposals and requests to escalate the first groups to the highest level directly, in light of spending millions of pounds, and the effort made must be preserved throughout the season, and the proposal included canceling Landing in all grades.

Some clubs sent a proposal and other requests to escalate the first and second three groups in the second division to the Premier League, with the abolition of landing provided that the Premier League be the next season with the participation of 24 clubs, and they are divided into two groups, with six teams to land in the next season to return the league again in its form It is normal to have 18 teams.

The clubs that sent proposals and requests to the Football Association with these many details, including the Interior, Damanhur, Ceramica Cleopatra, National Bank, Beni Suef and Ghazal Al-Mahalla, and from the third section the Al-Jazira Club in Matrouh, Al-Dabaa, Kafr Al-Sheikh, Qena, Bani Ubaid and others.


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